{#JGJubilee2016} Our Holiday Celebration @ Jerry’s Bar

It’s been a wonderful year for us at JG Real Estate. 2016 marked our 5-year anniversary, relocation to a brand new office, 8 new team members, and record numbers in gross sales and managed units— and no better way to celebrate the end of a fantastic year than going out to one of our favorite local bars for some merriment this Holiday season.

Jerry’s Bar welcomed us and our families to their event space, where we set up a personalized “Selfie Booth”, complete with a skyline backdrop of Philadelphia, decked with homemade holiday trimmings and inside jokes. We laughed, we definitely drank, and as far as we know, no one cried.

Here’s to our growing family at JG Real Estate, and our wonderful clients for making such a fantastic year possible.

Happy Holidays!