There are many people who own properties as their own investment. Most people use the profit as a retirement fund or extra income. Many property owners lead busy lives and choose to do away with the burden of late night calls and constant attention. That’s why property owners seek out for a Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia. Known as the best in the business, JG Real Estate will take the hassle and stress out of the whole process. They keep your property rented, tenants happy, and rent checks flowing every month.



  • Maintenance team: Having an in house maintenance team removes the need of hiring external help for regular issues. This gets rid of the headaches of third party vendors who may not be as reliable and accessible on immediate notice.
  • Leasing Experts: It is very important the property gets rented out as soon as possible. To ensure maximum downtime, we start advertising for units months in advance while it is still tenant occupied. Virtual tours are embedded into our listings on 100s of websites.
  • Rent Collecting: The Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia will offer, if requested, to pay  bills on the owner’s behalf. We also offer the service of collecting  rent payments via ACH. This ensures fast payments and minimizing the hassle of depositing checks at the bank.
  • Full Service Management: One of the most valuable roles of Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia is to be reliable and trustworthy. The Property Manager must act similar to an adviser and work with their clients to find the best possible route to maximum profits with overall satisfaction.


Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia – Producing Maximum Profits.

  • Rather than having gaps between occupancy, JG Real Estate takes several initiatives to ensure the unit is always rented out. Smart advertising and marketing produces a  steam of income.
  • When tenants are happy, they are more likely to renew their lease year after year. Renewed leases means less turnovers which means more profit for the landlord. The overall objective of the Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia is to keep their tenants happy, which will produce more business, profits, and happiness with everyone involved.


Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia

Real Estate Property Management Philadelphia