Property Manager Philadelphia is essential to the smooth and prosperous operation of an investment property. Without an experienced Property Manager, which pays attention to detail, workmanship, and finances you will not have a profitable or worthwhile investment. How much time lapses between tenants currently; one, two, or even 3 months? How much are you currently paying to rectify maintenance  issues? Are you paying a general contractor to coordinate? If the answer to any of these is YES, you desperately need the services of a Property Manager. Below, we’ll break down the services which JG Real Estate, your Property Manager, offers.



  • Financial well being – The main goal of a Property Manager is to make you more profitable, through expert professional management.
  • Keeping units rented: An effective Property Manager will consistently work on filling vacant units with a proactive approach.
  • Unique Marketing: A motivated Property Manager will come up with interesting and innovative ways to market properties, including YouTube video tours, professional photography and listings on various sites
  • Maintenance – A Property Manager must be knowledgeable of all construction trades, similar to a general contractor. The Property Manager must be able to supervise sub contractors, and run jobs without problems. This is one of the major items you are paying a Property Manager for – his or her knowledge of maintenance and construction which you may not possess.
  • Collection of rent payments – A Property Manager collects rents on the owner’s behalf. When tenants don’t pay on time, a Property Manager  must send late notices, pay or quit notices, and ultimately eviction notices if necessary.


Selecting your Property Manager Philadelphia

  • Find a Property Manager which has expert local knowledge. Have they worked in your specific neighborhood? Do they know the local hotspots, grocery stores, parks, schools, etc?
  • Select a Property Manager which you can trust. Different property managers have different fees, just make sure you don’t select a Property Manager based entirely on their fee structure. First and foremost, you want to feel comfortable that the Property Manager Philadelphia is honest, reputable, and will property service your property
  • Look for a Property Manager Philadelphia who won’t completely rely on your business. This means that they shouldn’t only have 10 properties under management, so that your one property represents a large percentage of their portfolio. At the some time, you don’t want a Property Manager Philadelphia which has 1000’s of units under management, as you will likely get lost in the shuffle and won’t receive personalized attention.
  • A Property Manager Philadelphia which has a good reputation in the local community is a great starting place. Look for referrals from friends and family who have used a Property Manager Philadelphia. Ask your Realtor which helped you with the purchase of the property initially for a referral.