An experienced Property Management Group Philadelphia is necessary for all Philadelphia real estate investors looking to boost profits, reduce headaches, and make investing in real estate worth it! What makes an effective Property Management Group Philadelphia? Check out our below list to see what JG Real Estate feels a firm needs to offer, to be considered an elite Property Management Group Philadelphia. Read on to see our suggestions for finding companies which match the profile we suggest you look for. There are many Property Management Group Philadelphia  in the marketplace, and consumers need to be aware of their options, and establish metrics to qualify firms.



  • A Property Management Group Philadelphia is especially helpful for a novice / first time landlord. As a new landlord, there are many questions. How do I set up a security deposit escrow account? How to find a tenant? How do I write the lease? These are all great questions, and there are tons more. The first time landlord needs an experienced, knowledgeable, savvy Property Management Group Philadelphia to guide them through the process of renting.
  • Investors on both small, and large scales regularly use a Property Management Group Philadelphia. Some investors manage their own portfolios, but smart investors outsource management to a third party property management company. Why? Because any investor knows it is a huge time drain handling tenant contact, whether the contact is related to the lease, maintenance, or anything else. For an investor to add properties to his portfolio and continue to grow, he can not be bogged down by the day to day administrative duties inherent to property management – hence the need for a qualified Property Management Group Philadelphia. The bottom line is that for any investor to continue on the path of growth, past 20 units or so, he will need a Property Management Group Philadelphia.
  • A Property Management Group Philadelphia is essential for small condominium associations. Typically, the board of directors of a condo association is an unpaid, elected position. The board has the option to either self manage the association, or hire a third party Property Management Group Philadelphia. Since this is a volunteer position, 99% of boards elect to hire out the task, as it takes too much time and effort to do it on their own. Duties of a Property Management Group Philadelphia in this case include collection of monthly condo fees, formulation of the annual budget, and overseeing of condo common elements. The Property Management Group Philadelphia will serve as an adviser to the board, and often will be present at board meetings, elections, and other meetings.


Property Management Group Philadelphia – Their services

  • Liaison between tenant and owner: Generally speaking, the Property Management Group Philadelphia, is the middleman between the two parties to the lease. All communication flows through the Philadelphia property manager, so that the owner does not have do answer questions, coordinate maintenance calls, etc.
  • Rent Collection: The Property Management Group Philadelphia will collect rent, send late / pay or quit notices when necessary, and ultimately handle eviction proceedings if warranted.
  • Leasing – A major component of a Property Management Group Philadelphia’s business is to fill units before they ever become vacant. This is accomplished by effective marketing which reaches both broad and targeted audiences
  • Maintenance – A competent Property Management Group Philadelphia will have in-house maintenance crew, list of qualified sub-contractors, and a general contractor’s license (in addition to being a properly licensed real estate broker through the state real estate commission). A high value Property Management Group Philadelphia will offer their maintenance services at cost, meaning that they don’t add an extra percentage on top of real cost as another revenue source.


The Property Management Group Philadelphia of choice – JG Real Estate located in Fishtown

JG Real Estate is a forward thinking real estate brokerage which specializes in Philadelphia Property Management. We take excellent communication with tenants and clients very seriously, and are considered a top Philadelphia Property Management Company. Contact us today to begin the process of having your property professionally managed!