Looking for Property Management 19107? Look no further than JG Real Estate. Our Property Management company has vast experience with your neighborhood. Perhaps the most desirable section of 19107 is Washington Square west, the square of preference for many Philadelphians. When evaluating Property Management firms, it’s important to select a company which has direct experience leasing, selling, and managing in your neighborhood. At JG Real Estate, we have rented, sold and managed hundreds of properties in the area. In fact, one of Jared Gruber’s first offices was on Washington Square.



 So, what comprises Property Management 19107?
  • Rent Collection- Property Management; We offer tenants the ability to pay via ACH which dramatically cuts down on required clearing times. Additionally, we remit owner payments via direct deposit – say goodbye to all of the paper!
  • Maintenance – Property Management; At JG Real Estate we have an in house maintenance department and a list of qualified sub contractors. So, when you choose us to manage your property you get a wealth of information and contacts. The best part is that we charge you at cost – we build no profit into routine maintenance calls.
  • Leasing- Property Management; Rest assured that the premier Property Management firm in Philadelphia will quickly rent your property to a highly qualified tenant. Using our unique marketing methods such as digital SLR photography, wide angle lens, & high definition video tour we fill units quicker than any firm out there.


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