The 19103 zip code is home to the Rittenhouse Square, Logan Circle, and Fitler Square neighborhoods – some of the most prestigious in the city. As such, a Property Management 19103 firm must be at the top of it’s game, servicing some of the nicest properties in the city. The unit mix in 19103 is different than in most of the city, with Condo (and even some cooperative) buildings dominated the Square area. As you move south towards Spruce and Pine, most of the former mansions have been chopped up into apartments. Further West you will find mostly moderately sized singe family homes. Property Management 19103 is different than other areas of the city, so you must make sure that you hire the right Property Management 19103 company to handle your needs!



So, how will Property Management 19103 experts JG Real Estate service you, your property, & your tenants?

  • Excellent communication | Property Management 19103: Paramount to successful Property Management 19103 is timely communication. For this reason JG Real Estate prides itself on responding to emails and text messages at all hours of the day, or night. Phone calls during business hours are immediately picked up, and typically phone calls are evening picked up off business hours too. We have an instant messaging feature on our website, through out partner LiveChat. Many routine tasks which would have required a call or email in the past, are now automated. Tenants may check their renter ledger to see if rent has posted, or if they owe anything online using their tenant portal; they can even pay their rent online via ACH. Likewise, owners can log in through their owner portal to see real time stats on their property – and they may receive remittances via ACH too!
  • The best marketing & Leasing team in the city | Property Management 19103: JG Real Estate prides itself on it’s unique marketing techniques. We were one of the very first to pioneer the implementation of YouTube video tours in our advertisements. Today, all of our ads feature a high definition video tour – this enables all viewers to get a great sense of the property prior to ever stepping foot in it! Our Property Management 19103 marketing team also takes professional photography using a digital SLR camera equipped with wide angle lens for amazing panoramic shots!
  • Ensuring a smooth tenancy | Property Management 19103: Overall, your Property Management 19103firm’s job is to make sure that the landlord – tenant relationship flows smoothly. This means that rent comes in on time, maintenance needs are handled quickly & Competently, and that all issues which present themselves are rectified and mitigated in a professional manner. This is exactly what JG Real Estate does on an every day basis, as the premier Property Management 19103  company.


Property Management 19103 | We’re ready, are you?

Our Property Management 19103 team is ready to jump in and start leasing, managing, or selling your property today. Contact us for a detailed proposal and more information.