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Our Ten Favorite Neighborhood Dog Parks

Posted December 28, 2018

As a dog owner living in the city, you’re probably concerned about your four-legged friend having enough space to run around. This holds especially true for those with bigger dogs requiring more space to roam. While city housing generally does not provide enough yard space for a dog to get the exercise they need, there are, fortunately, many parks across the city where you can bring your pooch to run around, play fetch, and allow both of you to make some friends – furry and human!

Read on for our ten favorite neighborhood dog parks (in no particular order!)


1. Schuylkill River Park Dog Run-

This might be the nicest dog park in the city. Located right on the Schuylkill River, this dog park features two separate enclosed areas – one for large and one for small dogs – with state-of-the-art turf called K9Grass to keep your dog’s paws nice and clean. This park is also equipped with a doggy fountain and puppy pools to keep your pet cool and hydrated in the hot summer months.


Orianna Hill Dog Park, Northern Liberties

2. Orianna Hill Dog Park-

This dog park is a little more exclusive, requiring online registration, a brief orientation meeting, and a suggested annual donation of $50. While Orianna Hill is primarily a dog park, the acre, L-shaped space is shared by picnickers and gardeners as well!


3. Seger Dog Park-

This well-maintained dog park is located in the Washington Square West neighborhood. It features a gravel and mulch ground as an alternative to grass to help keep your pup’s paws clean. Social events for dog owners are also held here. Optional membership is offered which helps fund park maintenance.


Green Street Dog Park , Fairmount

4. Green Street Dog Park-

This quarter-acre dog park may be the most aesthetically pleasing in the city. Wrought iron fences, brushed concrete walkways, and clean, green K9Grass, all in the lovely Spring Garden neighborhood make this a must-visit for dog owners.


5. Chester Avenue Dog Park-

One of the only off-leash dog parks in West Philly, this park goes the extra mile to ensure the well-being of the park and its visitors. Owners who are concerned with who their dog interacts with can appreciate the requirement of a rabies certificate and a Philadelphia City Dog License, along with the $115 fee which goes towards park maintenance.


6. Palmer Doggie Depot-

This busy Fishtown Dog Park is always full of pups and people which is perfect for social animals and their owners. A double-gated entry, plenty of trash cans, and shaded seating help this park’s usability, while the water source allows you to leave the bottle at home.


7. Mario Lanza Dog Park-

This park, in the Queen Village neighborhood, is run by a social group of dog owners promoting responsible dog ownership, outreach, and volunteer maintenance of the dog run. This dog run, located inside the Mario Lanza Park, features two small grassy areas with a central seating area for humans.


8. Roxborough Dog Park-

Once a vacant lot, Roxborough Dog Park was founded by a handful of community members who found themselves utilizing an empty space as a place for their pets to run and play. Convenient parking accommodates those who come from outside of the neighborhood. This is another members-only park, so check out their website for sign up info.


Columbus Square Park During Love Your Park Week

9. Columbus Square Dog Park-

This cute little gravel dog park in Passyunk Square is full of friendly people in a dog-loving neighborhood. Many of the park’s users come at the same times daily so your pup can get to know the other dogs. For your convenience, this park has a hose to rinse off your dog and fill their water bowl, and a few benches and picnic tables for the owners.


10. Clark Park Dog Bowl-

Clark Park is much, much more than a dog park, but festivals, farmers’ markets, and food vendors aside, the dog bowl – a green valley of sorts – is a great space for dogs, big and small, to run and play. Just remember there are no fences here!


Bonus: In the spring and summer months, you can check out Barks on Tap, a part of Parks on Tap which is a miniature version of their pop up beer garden series at dog parks around the city. Fun for you and for your furry friends!


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