You’ve landed at this page because you want to know who the Best Property Manager Philadelphia is, right? We’re going to tell you who the Best Property Manager Philadelphia is, what services this property management company offers, and how to begin having your property managed.



So, what makes JG Real Estate the Best Property Manager Philadelphia? Check out the below reasons:

  • Tech Savvy – We accept rent payments online via ACH and also remit owner payments via ACH as well. How does this benefit our clients? Simple, no more trips to the bank to deposit checks, and instead of receiving an owner payment mid month, you now receive it at the beginning; the money is in your pocket quicker.
  • Minimal downtime: As the Best Property Manager Philadelphia, we minimize vacancy time. We will begin advertising your property for rent 60-90 days before it goes vacant; this ensures that there is only a few days in-between tenants, which are necessary to handle any maintenance needs. How do we fill units so efficiently? We have amazing and unique marketing techniques, which have given us the reputation of being the Best Property Manager Philadelphia. We take high-def video tours, photos with a digital SLR camera and wide angle lens, and market the property on 100’s of websites!
  • We respond: As the Best Property Manager Philadelphia, we take communication with our tenants and clients very seriously. We strive to answer emails within minutes, always pick up phone calls, and return voice mail within the hour. Additionally, we offer maintenance request submission via our website.
  • Professional and competent – Staff members of JG Real Estate are the most knowledgeable and competent folks in the business. The owner has years of property management experience, servicing his own portfolio of properties and his clients’. Jared trains all of his employees so that they have ability to answer questions and deal with issues just like he would.

How to sign on with the Best Property Manager Philadelphia

You’re clearly sold on using our services as this point, so naturally you’re asking “How do I get started maximizing my return and reducing my headaches?”. Simple, just follow the below steps:

  • Call JG Real Estate – (215) 467-4100 , email us-, or use the livechat feature which can be found on our homepage
  • After the initial conversation, Jared will likely want to meet you in person at your property and do a quick walk-through. As the Best Property Manager Philadelphia, we feel that a quick meeting is necessary to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding any potential maintenance needs.
  • Sign a property management contract with the Best Property Manager Philadelphia. Our agreement is straight forward, and easy to understand. A member of our staff will be happy to answer any and all questions which you might have.
  • Set up a maintenance reserve fund with the Best Property Manager Philadelphia. Typically we recommend a maintenance  reserve of $500 per unit being managed, this is our client’s money, but is used to handle issues which come up through the course of management.
  • Let the Best Property Manager Philadelphia handle this rest! We will collect monthly rent, handle all communication with your tenants, manage any maintenance needs and more. You’ll receive your monthly check along with an owner statement which outlines all inflows and out flows of cash.


Best Property Manager Philadelphia