Property Management Philadelphia | How-To Unclog a Drain

Previously, we’ve had instructional videos on how to patch a section of drywall and how to install hardwood floors yourself.  Well, sometimes a problem comes along that isn’t so interesting or glamorous, but it still needs to be dealt with. Our property management Philadelphia team is not afraid of getting our hands (and feet, clothing, walls and floors) dirty!

So, today we bring to you a short video on unclogging a main drain pipe, when the standard bathroom plunger just won’t do the trick.



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Red House – San Diego Property Management Firm

In previous blog posts, I have mentioned our efforts to find other property management companies that are similar to ours in their standards and their practices. Well, once again I have found a fabulous San Diego property management firm that needs a moment in our spotlight.


Red House, a company that services a vast array of neighborhoods within San Diego and elsewhere, prides themselves on their commitment to excellence. Here are some qualities that I found to be outstanding.


Check out Red House Property Management for all of your San Diego real estate needs!

Investing in Foreclosures / REOs – Major differences

I just finished reading an article on which tried to highlight a purchase and renovation plan for REO properties. However, I felt that the author completely missed the mark and lost the opportunity to offer readers true insight into the major differences between purchasing an REO and a regular property. The bulk of my personal investment portfolio (and even my own home) is comprised of REOs, so I have some experience in this territory.

First, let’s define what an REO is. REO stands for real estate owned and is the bank’s term for a foreclosure. When purchasing an REO there are many subtle differences which you’ll uncover. Here are the major differences on the pre-closing side.

Now that you’ve closed on the property and received the keys here are your next steps. Actually, let me back up for a second. This is an REO, so there probably weren’t keys even handed to you at the closing table. Go kick the door down and then read on.

Overall, investing in REOs is not some ambiguous process. It’s fairly straight forward, and if you’ve got a good real estate agent representing you , there shouldn’t be a ton of problems. For more info on purchasing REOs contact JG Real Estate. Property Management

It’s always nice to find a property management team that holds the same high standards as we do at JG Real Estate. Well, on the other side of the country, in sunny Southern California, we have found a great property management team in Property Management.


Some features that make them stand out:

For more information, please visit their website at!

Property Management Philadelphia | Instructional Video on Installing Hardwood Floors

Property Management Philadelphia | Installing Hardwood Floors

Our Philadelphia property management team’s first “how-to” video (patching drywall) was well-received, so we made another one! This time, Jared shows you how to install bamboo hardwood floors.

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Need a Vacation Philadelphians?

Need a Vacation?

Philadelphia is a great place to live – no doubt about it – but, everyone needs a vacation. Where better to go but sunny Florida? I came across this great resource, which provides a various array of housing for your vacation, not just the cliche Holdiay Inn and Sheraton.