Philadelphia Property Management

Philadelphia Property Management

Philadelphia Property Management is one of JG Real Estate’s specialities and core focuses. We take pride in our ability to be an effective property manager, which enables owners to maintain their profitability while letting a professional handle the most difficult aspects of being a landlord.

Philadelphia property management  Philadelphia property management

Philadelphia Property Management Services include:

  • Rent collection (we offer tenants the ability to pay online and owners the option to be paid by ACH/Direct Deposit)
  • Leasing: We typically start showing properties 2-3 months before they become vacant, to ensure that there is minimal downtime between tenants. A responsible Philadelphia Property Management company will always start showing a property well before it is scheduled to become vacant, this is just good business. As investment property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of maximizing rental income.
  • Maintenance: With a hands on property management team and an owner (Jared Gruber) with a construction background, routine maintenance needs are swiftly and competently taken care of. Our philosophy is that we should handle as many issues with our in-house team as possible to ensure both tenant and owner satisfaction. For jobs which require a licensed trade (plumber, electrician, HVAC, etc.) we have discounted rates negotiated with some of Philadelphia’s finest contractors; not every Philadelphia Property Management company can say the same. You, the client, get billed for our actual expense – we’ll upload the vendor’s invoice to your portal so that you can review it.
  • Diligent Accounting: We keep an accurate accounting of all cash flow. Every month you’ll get an owner statement which describes what was received, what was paid out for maintenance issues, and the amount being remitted to you. Your owner statement is available online through our property management software’s owner portal. You may go completely paperless if desired (as a green Philadelphia Property Management company, we highly encourage this)! We hold security deposits in separate escrow accounts, as required by law.

What our Philadelphia Property Management company will provide

  • Peace of mind – don’t worry about those 2 AM phone calls; you know your property is in capable and professional hands. We have a 24/7 emergency answering service set up to ensure tenants have a live person to speak with at all times.
  • Up to date market information. Every time a property turns over, our Philadelphia Property management team will run a comparative market analysis to ensure that owners are maximizing their returns. After all, we have an aligned interest in obtaining the highest possible rents.
  • Competent staff – We only hire the best and brightest to assist with your Philadelphia Property management needs. Our employees know the property management business inside and out and are always eager to assist.

Not sure if Philadelphia Property Management is for you?

Give us a ring to discuss, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a detailed management proposal along with references from satisfied current clients.

Ready to hire us? Please fill out our new property management client checklist to get the process started. After completing this, a representative will reach out to discuss next steps.

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